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List of cameras I'm still searching for

I am always searching..

Of course, today the most stuff is to be found at ebay.

But there are some nice people out there that also want to keep their tools to be preserved for the "4K-and-higher-res." world. So from time-to-time I even get stuff for free or just for the shipping fee compensated, such as the wonderful JVC KY-1900 or a couple of DXC -1800 and 1820. (Sony must have sold thousands of them).

So what des that mean?

ENG- Cameras aren't really rare and they will never get realy valuable. (o.k. a TK-76 maybe does, depending on it's cond.)

So the money I can and will spend on that passion is limited.

If the condition of a camera is is good or even mint the price I'm giving in the list is what I will pay. Let's talk and we'll see what my offer is..

a JVC KY-950E undergoing a setup

Panasonic WV-888 PAL or NTSC

Good and worling condition only

up to 50€

Hitachi FP-11

Good and worlking condition.

up to 25€


Good and worling condition.

up to 100€

JVC KY-950 (E) eihter PAL or NTSC in fine

Good and working condition with viewfinder

up to 100€

JVC KY-2700 (E) either PAL or NTSC is fine1

Good condition, must be working and with viewfinder

up tp 50€

Hitachi SK 93

Good condition.

up tp 50€

RCA TK-76 either PAL or NTSC ist fine!

Any condition! Must have viewfinder. B or C version only!

up to 250€

Sony BVP- 250P

Good condition

up to 100€

Sony BVP-300 (P) ehter PAL or NTSC ist fine

Good condition!


Sony BVP-101 (P)

Any condition.

Up to 100€

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