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I was 15 years old when I got my first video camera.

It needed a separate and heavy VHS-Recorder, a lot of lights and rather moderate expectations to be happy with its picture quality.

But five years later, after a short externship at Radio Bremen, consuming of many books about tv-stuff and collecting datasheets of the theses days broadcast stuff (the internet was just a dream in these days) that hobby took me to the SRT, the "Schule for Rundfunktechnik, Nuernberg", where I got the video technicians basics for my work as an ENG Camera Assistant at RIAS TV, Berlin in 1998.

A year later, I took the chance to start as a newscutter at TVN in Hanover.
Than, after editing hundreds of daily news stories for RTL and SAT1, I got the chance to get back to the camera - and I did not miss it!

Working with various cams like LDK90, BVW-400 and 600, DVW-700, DNW-90, HDW-750 and finally the XDCAM family, I was asked to do the senior cameramans job at TVN Production - and that is what I am still doing now.
Sometimes I have the chance to shoot a film or just a news story and today the F55, the FS-7 and the URSA G2 mostly are the tools to do so.


Electronic cameras always were my hobby.

Film cameracollectors may say electronic cameras are only a bunch of resistors, diodes and prints and only Arris, Panas, Aatons and ACLs are realy worth to be collected.

But I think even the "electric" cams have a kind of soul and may have a story to tell*

Many of them have "seen" great things, were observers present in meaningful moments in history and have captured pictures we still see every day on tv. Film cameras mostly capture fiction, electronic cameras capture.. the real world. O,k., that was true until the RED, the Alexa, the Venice and a few other "E"-Cameras took over the fictional business, too..


The number of people interested in this rather special stuff may be limited and if you search the web for the names and types of electronic cams you will find that only very little is available in pictures and collections are rather rare.

I hope you will enjoy watching my pictures, I always try to complete the collection.


Hanover, Nov. 2020


Stefan Schröder

About Me

Back in 2012: Camera: Sony F3, Gamma: S-log2, Lens: Sony Prime 85mm,
Recorder Kipro Mini, Vf kinotehnik LCDVFE

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